Have you ever wondered why even though you are working out like crazy and controlling your diet you still aren’t able to attain maximum results for your efforts? Did you know that this could be as a result of insufficient high quality protein in your body? That’s right, protein is very important when it comes to building muscle.

For a very long time supplement manufacturers made people believe that the best protein supplement for building muscle is whey protein. It turns out they were wrong. There was a study conducted in 2012 where it was proven that whey protein is not the best protein supplement. During this study, subjects were asked to drink fifty grams of a whey protein based drink and fifty grams of a casein based one. 

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Both groups were also asked to work out four times in a week during the course of the study. On completion it was determined that the subjects that drank casein protein lost more fat and gained more muscle as well. Researchers believe that the main reason why casein protein is so effective for body building is because it takes longer to digest which gives your body more time to absorb the important muscle-building amino acids from it. In comparison, whey protein is digested a lot faster and doesn’t give your body too much time to absorb these amino acids. 

So if you were looking for a protein power to help with your fat loss while promoting muscle growth, casein is the perfect solution for you. Casein is also known to help improve your metabolic rate. It is even known to increase satiety levels which means with casein you will burn fat and feel full while doing so.

Nowadays, casein is catching on among muscle building supplement manufacturers as well. This is because of its unique properties. It can create a gel or a clot in your stomach. This helps amino acids release at a slower pace into your blood. This process may sometimes take several hours which helps increase nitrogen retention & utilization as well.

While casein protein powder will help you burn fat and build muscle, it is important that you consume it at the right time of day. This protein is extremely versatile and can be consumed at any time when you feel your body is lacking protein. It is great for times when you haven’t eaten in a while like just when you wake up in the morning.